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Loans Up to $10,000!

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Have you been turned down by a lender? Payday or car title loans chewing you up? Thinking about a payday/title loan? Nervous about being turned down because of credit challenges? Need quick cash? Canyon Financial can help!

For over 13 years, Canyon Financial has been providing secured loans throughout Idaho using vehicle titles. With five convenient locations, we help clients obtain financing by providing financial solutions they aren’t able to get through traditional methods – up to $10,000! We work with our clients to help build their credit and obtain secured loans, consolidation loans, and car financing. We love to pay off title loans and save you tons of money in interest.

Every application is reviewed individually – with same-day approval in most cases. Our priority is to get your loan approved, so you can make your financial decisions on time. Whether you’re in need of money for a family vacation, auto repairs, home improvements, bill consolidation, or a vehicle purchase, we offer financial solutions to fit your needs.

Call Canyon Financial today at one of our four convenient locations to see how we can help you!

Visit one of our four convenient Idaho locations in Caldwell, Boise, Nampa, & Fruitland!

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  • Canyon Financial - Boise

    4792 W Overland Rd #100
    Boise, ID 83705


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  • Canyon Financial - Caldwell

    823 Specht Ave Suite C
    Caldwell, ID 83605


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    PHONE: 208-453-9290

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  • Canyon Financial - Nampa

    218 3rd Ave. S
    Nampa, ID 83651


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    PHONE: 208-467-1441

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  • Canyon Financial - Fruitland

    1205 N Whitley #1
    Fruitland, ID 83619


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    Phone: (208) 452-6274

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    Tue: 9:00am-5:00pm
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